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Unravelling Saturable Absorption of Thulium-doped Fibres for New Level of Integrated Femtosecond Pulse Generation

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:08 authored by Dennis C. Kirsch, Benoit Cadier, Thierry Robin, Maria Chernysheva
The ultrashort pulse laser operation is crucially defined by engaging explicit modulators. Conventionally, they are laborious to incorporate into an all-fibre design or involve the design of sophisticated cavities. We exploit Thulium-doped fibre as the gain and simple, highly integrated saturable absorber with a modulation depth of 23% and a high thermal damage threshold. Hence, pulses as short as 350fs carrying 1nJ energy at a repetition rate of 45MHz have been demonstrated. The laser average output power showed long-term stability with ~1%. The utilised concept of all-fibre saturable absorber provides technological grounds for a down-scaled, highly integrated laser architecture.



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