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Vectorial Doppler complex spectrum and its application to the rotational detection

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posted on 2023-05-05, 16:01 authored by Shuxian Quan, Ling Chen, Siyao Wu, Baocheng Zhang
Vectorial polarized fields of light has been applied to detect the rotational velocity by the rotational Doppler effect, but the measurement was made for the rotation of a single-particle system. When the rotational surface is rough, the scattered vectorial Doppler signal spectrum is complex. In this paper, we make the complex spectrum analyses using orbital angular momentum modal expansion method. It is found that the highest peak in the Fourier form of the complex spectrum is obtained at the frequency shift 2l{\Omega} related to the topological charge (l) of the incident vortex light and the rotational velocity ({\Omega}) of the rough surface. Based on the complex spectrum analysis, we construct a method to measure the magnitude and direction of the rotational velocity simultaneously for a general object, which has the practical application in remote sensing and astronomy.



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