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Virtual reality images created in back and front of a display

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posted on 2023-08-10, 10:06 authored by Yoichi Ogata, Mykyta Kolchiba
To better investigate the biological mechanism of microorganisms, we developed a novel virtual reality (VR) microscope which incorporates a head-mounted display (HMD) that creates VR images with a digital microscope. This type of VR microscope can be used with any type of optical microscope. The fabricated microscope is quite different from a common bi-focal device, and can create VR images on the back and front of the display. If the VR images are displayed with object (OBJ) images, they are observable in [2 x 2] (back and front VR images and OBJ images; 2x2=4 images). This feature can provide important information on microscopic OBJs, which can be employed in 3D biological analysis. Furthermore, if a laser light source is added to this microscope, the images can be observed in [3 x 2] (back and front laser VR images, VR images, and OBJ images; 3x2=6 images). The lasers would also enable optical trapping and tracking, leading to improved biological analysis.


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