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Visible Wavelength Flatband in a Gallium Phosphide Metasurface

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posted on 2023-02-09, 17:01 authored by Christopher Munley, Arnab Manna, David Sharp, Minho Choi, Hao Nguyen, Brandi M. Cossairt, Mo Li, Arthur Barnard, Arka Majumdar
Engineering the dispersion of light in a metasurface allows for controlling the light-matter interaction strength between light confined in the metasurface and materials placed within its near-field. Specifically, engineering a flatband dispersion increases the photonic density of states thereby enhancing the light-matter interaction. Here, we experimentally demonstrate a metasurface with a flat dispersion at visible wavelengths. We designed and fabricated a suspended one-dimensional gallium phosphide metasurface and measured the photonic band structure via energy-momentum spectroscopy, observing a photonic band that is flat over $10^o$ of half-angle at $\sim 580$nm. We integrated cadmium selenide nanoplatelets with the metasurface, and measured coupled photoluminescence into the flatband. Our demonstration of a photonic flatband will enable the possibility of integrating emerging quantum emitters to the metasurface with possible applications in nonlinear image processing, and topological photonics.



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