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Volumetric and Simultaneous Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Imaging with a Conventional Linear Array in a Multiview Scanning Scheme

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posted on 2023-01-06, 17:04 authored by Clément Linger, Yoann Atlas, Remy Winter, Marine Vandebrouck, Maxime Faure, Théotim Lucas, S. Lori Bridal, Jérôme Gateau
Volumetric, multimodal imaging with precise spatial and temporal co-registration can provide valuable and complementary information for diagnosis and monitoring. Considerable research has sought to combine 3D photoacoustic (PA) and ultrasound (US) imaging in clinically translatable configurations. However, technical compromises currently result in poor image quality either for photoacoustic or ultrasonic modes. This work aims to provide translatable, high quality, simultaneously co-registered dual-mode PA/US 3D tomography. Volumetric imaging based on a synthetic aperture approach was implemented by interlacing PA and US acquisitions during a rotate-translate scan with a 5-MHz linear array (12 angles and 30-mm translation to image a 21-mm diameter, 19 mm long cylindrical volume within 21 seconds). For co-registration, an original calibration method using a specifically designed thread phantom was developed to estimate 6 geometrical parameters and 1 temporal off-set through global optimization of the reconstructed sharpness and superposition of calibration phantom structures. Phantom design and cost function metrics were selected based on analysis of a numerical phantom, and resulted in a high estimation accuracy for the 7 parameters. Experimental estimations validated the calibration repeatability. The estimated parameters were used for bimodal reconstruction of additional phantoms with either identical or distinct spatial distributions of US and PA contrasts. Superposition distance of the two modes was within < 10% of the acoustic wavelength and a wavelength-order uniform spatial resolution was obtained. This dual-mode PA/US tomography should contribute to more sensitive and robust detection and follow-up of biological changes or the monitoring slower-kinetic phenomena in living systems such as the accumulation of nanoagents.



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