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Vortex-induced Shear Polaritons

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posted on 2023-01-12, 16:12 authored by Shuwen Xue, Yali Zeng, Sicen Tao, Tao Hou, Shan Zhu, Chuanjie Hu, Huanyang Chen
Hyperbolic shear polaritons (HShPs) emerge with widespread attention as a new class of polariton modes with broken symmetry due to shear lattices. In this letter, we find a new mechanism of generating HShPs. When utilizing vortex waves as excitation sources of hyperbolic materials without off-diagonal elements, HShPs will appear. In addition, this asymmetric HShPs can be recovered as symmetric modes away from the source, with a critical transition mode between the left-skewed and right-skewed HShPs, via tuning the magnitude of the off-diagonal imaginary component and controlling the topological charge of vortex source. It is worth mentioning that we explore the influence of parity of topological charges on the field distribution and demonstrate these exotic phenomena from numerical and analytical perspectives. Our results will promote new opportunities for both HShPs and vortex waves, widening the horizon for various hyperbolic materials based on vortex sources and offering a new degree of freedom to control various kinds of polaritons.



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