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Wavelength-division multiplexing communications using integrated soliton microcomb laser source

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posted on 2023-06-08, 12:55 authored by Yong Geng, Yanlan Xiao, Qingsong Bai, Xinjie Han, Wenchan Dong, Wenting Wang, Jinggu Xue, Baicheng Yao, Guangwei Deng, Qiang Zhou, Kun Qiu, Jing Xu, Heng Zhou
In this Letter, we investigate the feasibility and performance of wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) optical communications using an integrated dissipative Kerr soliton micro-comb as the multi-channel laser source. First, we confirm that soliton microcomb pumped directly by a DFB laser self-injection locked to the host micro-cavity has sufficiently low frequency and amplitude noises to encode advanced data formats. Second, perfect soliton crystals are exploited to boost the power level of each microcomb line, so that they can be directly used for data modulation excluding pre-amplification. Third, in a proof-of-concept experiment we demonstrate 7-channel 16-QAM data transmissions using an integrated perfect soliton microcomb as the laser carriers, excellent data receiving performances are obtained under various fiber link distances and amplifier configurations. Our study reveals that fully integrated Kerr soliton microcombs are viable and advantageous for optical data communications.



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