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Wavelength-switchable ultra-narrow linewidth fiber laser enabled by a figure-8 compound-ring-cavity filter and a polarization-managed four-channel filter

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posted on 2023-01-11, 23:11 authored by Ting Feng, Da Wei, Wenwen Bi, Weiwei Sun, Shengbao Wu, Meili Jiang, Fengping Yan, Yuping Suo, X. Steve Yao
We propose and demonstrate a high performance four-wavelength erbium-doped fiber laser (EDFL), enabled by a figure-8 compound-ring-cavity (F8-CRC) filter for single-longitudinal-mode (SLM) selection and a polarization-managed four-channel filter (PM-FCF) for defining four lasing wavelengths. We introduce a novel methodology utilizing signal-flow graph combined with Mason's rule to analyze a CRC filter in general and apply it to obtain the important design parameters for the F8-CRC filter used in this paper. By combining the functions of the F8-CRC filter and the PM-FCF filter assisted by the enhanced polarization hole-burning and polarization dependent loss, we achieve the EDFL with fifteen lasing states, including four single-, six dual-, four tri- and one quad-wavelength lasing operations. In particular, all the four single-wavelength operations are in stable SLM oscillation, typically with a linewidth of <600 Hz, a RIN of <=-154.58 dB/Hz@>=3 MHz and an output power fluctuation of <=+/-3.45%. In addition, all the six dual-wavelength operations have very similar performances, with the performance parameters close to those of the single-wavelength lasing operations. Finally, we achieve the wavelength spacing tuning of the dual-wavelength operations for the photonic generation of tunable microwave signals, and successfully obtain a signal at 23.10 GHz as a demonstration.



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